Our services

We provide services for core activities in the field of industrial safety and labor protection:

Vocational training, retraining and advanced training of personnel in the organization's security processes with the issuance of certificates confirming certificates;

Development of declarations of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities, processing of permits for application, technical passports devices;

Examination of industrial safety of dangerous technical devices, equipment, materials, project documentation with the expert opinion on the conformity of industrial safety requirements;

Production of various qualification certificates;

"Gazoneftevodoproyavleniya" Certification on the course;

The company has all the necessary resources for training and retraining.  All specialists are trained each year, confirming their competence.  Offices of the training center is fully equipped with modern technology and teaching aids.

«Batys Consulting» provides services on occupational safety and health and safety outsourcing, workplace certification.

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  • Republic of Kazakhstan, Aksai city, 4 microdistrict, house №14, office 26
  • 8 (71133) 3-11-22, +7 775 331-68-58
  •  info@batysconsulting.kz